Together, We're Saving Single Mothers And Children In Israel From The Devastating Effects Of Hunger And Poverty

Pesach 2019 Is Approaching Fast!!!


Say "Those Who Are Hungry Come And Eat" Honestly This Passover

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Israel Tzedaka For Single Mothers

As the Passover 2019 quickly, tens of single mothers in Israel are getting progressively frantic knowing that they can’t afford to feed and clothe their families adequately!

Fulfill your biblical commandment to give charity to the poorer among our Jewish brethren making sure that they have enough to purchase what they need for the holiday.

Please help us give to poor single-mother families in Israel so they too can celebrate with joy. We give money and shopping coupons and not food because the food products that organizations give often aren’t what the families need. We give in a dignified way so they can buy exactly what they need.

Please give now so the mothers don't have to wait until the last minute in anxious anticipation!

We have an anonymous donor who covers all our operational costs, so 98% of every dollar you give will go directly to the needy and not to pay salaries or overhead expenses.


How you would want others to give if it was your loved one in trouble!

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Alarming Statistics!!!

Israel Tzedaka For Single Mothers Bituach Leumi

91% of single parents in Israel are women

Single mothers with only one child will remain in persistent poverty and with two children they won’t be able to ever pull themselves out of poverty without additonal resources because of:

  • Huge wage gaps between men and women
  • Part-time employment
  • Low government benefits
  • Low work grants

Real Stories With Urgent Needs

Other Ways To Donate

Phone +1 (845) 388-1163

Reach Out To Us

+1 (845) 388-1163

Address 21 Tuscany Terr., Lakewood NJ  08701

It's just amazing to me how total strangers sit and think of us Single mothers and our children and how to make our lives easier. You are a G-d sent, and so are your donors. Please let them know how many lives they are changing and improving. Much respect and wishes for a happy Adar and Purim.
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