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Sukkot 2019 Is Almost Here

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Single-Mother Families In Israel
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Need Your Help To Buy Holiday Food

Please Give Generously So They Are Not Hungry This Sukkot!

Saving Poor Single Mothers And Children In Israel From Poverty And Hunger

Look At The Difference You Make And The Happiness You Create When You Give To Poor Single-Mother Families In Israel

Our Financial Aid Packages

Timely Giving When Most Needed

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Dignified shopping vouchers for food and clothing


Financial aid to help cover wedding and bar mitzva costs


Financial aid to help cover the costs of sudden emergencies

Free Interest Loans

Funding for vocational training and business initiatives

Alarming Statistics!!!

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91% of single parents in Israel are women

Single mothers in Israel with only one child will remain in persistent poverty and with two children they won’t be able to ever pull themselves out of poverty without additional resources because of:

  • Huge wage gaps between men and women
  • Part-time employment
  • Low government benefits
  • Low work grants

Single Mother Poverty In Israel


How you would want others to give if it was your loved one in trouble!

We have an anonymous donor who covers all our operational costs, so 98% of every dollar you give will go directly to the needy and not to pay salaries or overhead expenses. This makes us the best Jewish charity for single mothers in Israel.

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Most single mothers in Israel work and some hold as many as 3 jobs but they still don’t earn enough to feed and clothe their families properly especially for the holidays. Our mission is to supplement their earnings in order to rescue them from complete financial collapse in a most dignified way. We also offer zero interest loans for vocational training and business initiatives because our vision is to stop the poverty cycle and charity dependence of single mothers in Israel. We want our recipients to be our future donors!

Our mission is to give opportunity for kindhearted Jews to give to this most needy population in Israel. Unfortunately there are very few organizations that understand the devastating socioeconomic effects facing single mothers in Israel. We aim to spread awareness that more charity dollars should go to this population in order to achieve social justice and equal opportunity for every mother and child in Israel.

Our focus is on mothers and children because single mothers who work so hard (some doing even 3 jobs) and are satisfied with so little have no-one to worry for them during the holidays, emergencies and when they celebrate family occasions. I used to spend days and weeks calling  different charities, but almost none agreed to add another case to their over bulging lists.

The original donors were downsizing their donations as the economy declined – and most of Israeli charity is distributed via the huge tzedaka organizations—the poverty of the already suffering single mothers (including widows, agunot, divorcees, new immigrants, women with husbands who are mentally ill, elderly lone single spinsters etc.) was increasing. While there are many other organizations giving food and clothing—there was no organization giving in a way that makes possible personal decision about what type of food and clothing the single-mother family needs and much of the food and clothing distributed simply get thrown into the garbage.

Single mothers in Israel who works, aren’t eligible for government subsidies and if the mother is poor she can’t pay  lawyer’s fees to fight for her. This is a vicious poverty cycle like a cat chasing its own tail.

Single mothers and their children are one of the most vulnerable and poor sectors of socioeconomic problems here in Israel.  Additionally the painful area of youth delinquency that is rampant in this population must also be addressed in order to ensure future generations.

While our financial aid packages don’t make single mothers in Israel rich, they do prevent entire collapse and keep the families safe and productive. 

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