Saving Abandoned Mothers And Children In Israel From The Devastating Effects Of Hunger And Poverty

Without financial assistance, Israeli single mothers are 'doomed to a life of poverty'

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With no one to share in the tasks of housework, childcare and income single mothers are very poor. The father normally doesn't give any financial support and they are at risk of complete socioeconomic collapse.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Imahot B’yisroel helps poor single mothers in Israel. Single-mother families in Israel are among the poorest population and in danger of socioeconomic collapse. 

We distribute financial aid  money vouchers to make sure that single mother-families aren’t hungry and live with dignity and respect.

Food, clothing and shelter all cost money as does vocational training. Most organizations distribute food baskets and sell other provisions at a low cost. As wonderful as these are, much of the assistance goes to waste due to the incompatibility of services and demand. By giving vouchers every mother can buy food and clothing most suitable for her family.

We service poor, abandoned mothers and other lone single women throughout Israel.

Imahot B’yisroel stops poverty and hunger among single-mother families in Israel. Solo mothers in Israel earn less but work more and harder than married mothers. They have no one to share the burden of childcare and providing for their children. With eligibility for governmental subsidies tightened and the allowance amount  reduced, monthly expenses far exceed the income of these families. This social injustice makes financial assistance for single-parent families urgent! 

pleas for help!

I have had a very difficult and stressful year. Beyond being a single mother with a huge amount of financial stress every month. My youngest child, a beautiful 13-year-old girl, has learning difficulties. She was in a special class in the Bais Yaakov. She fell into a clinical depression as she felt and feels that she has no place in this world as she has difficulty reading and learning. I also, found out in addition to that that she went through a terrible trauma last year.

I am working closely with therapists and a psychiatrist to try to stabilize her. She is still in a situation of risk and is still suicidal. She is receiving excellent treatment  but the level of pressure on me financially and emotionally has almost been too much. I am doing everything I can to help her and keep her safe. It had taken a huge amount of time and energy. I know this is the reason why for a number of years I have received the reduction and this year, I did not take care of the application as I usually do. 

I am happy to give permission and the contact information of the professional staff involved if you would like to speak to them directly and to confirm the level of pressure involved in managing her situation and the abnormal amount of stress I have been under.

I am a single mother of 5 children ages 11, 8, 6, 4 and 2. I’ve been on my own for almost 2 years. No help or support from their father. (Not even a phone call)  I pray that maybe one day he will get better. The final Rabbinic ruling is that I am in danger of my life and I he has to give me a divorce. If not will have to pay a fine.

He did not! I don’t know how much he will owe me. Even though he owes me child support too and is threatening to take away the home we both own.

I don’t know how to do everything and still be able to stay sane myself, with work, house and emotional care for kids. I do not work a lot because I am trying to help my children heal and get them all the care they need. It is very time consuming and expensive.

I am now Aguna and want to know what you help with? Or if you can help me? Thank you so much for your attention to this matter.

We just spoke on the phone, my name is Rachel; I am the mother of 8 children: ages 15, 13, 11, 9, 7, 6, 4 and 3.

My husband is sick and as much as I do we are in a very dire situation and in need of help for the Yom Tov.

I attached to this email relevant documentation about my husband’s situation. And the ID of both of us.

Thank you very much in advance I hope you will be a good messenger. 
May Hashem Bless you for your willingess to help others.

Shavuah Tov Sara,

You are doing a huge mitzvah…. I am a convert of 21 years with 3 children, and my parents have passed away…. my family are my friends!  Baruch H”shem! 

I am applying for assistance because I am in the process of a divorce and in a very difficult financial situation. I currently am trying to pay the rent of our apartment, the food expenses, all the bills, and have debts which I am unable to pay.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Sara,
A friend gave me your email address and told me that you help single mothers. I am a single mother with 4 young kids (ages 2,4, 6, and 7) and I unfortunately do not receive any child support whatsoever.
I was working for an online company that just closed about a month ago – So I am frantically looking for work!
I am struggling to meet just basic necessities! With Purim and Pesach coming – I am worried and stressed. Would your Organization be able to help us at all?
Let me know – thanks so much!

Hello Sara,
My name is Vered and I have  6 orphans at home. Their father died a year ago. Unfortunately, I have no support from anyone.  Until know we were supported by the local charity fund, but we moved to a different place and it is a neighborhood fund, so they can not help anymore.

After their father’s passing, the children asked to move away and the therapists agreed to it.
Also, I am 100% disabled due to an operation I underwent a few months ago for a kidney transplant; I attached my disability certificate

I would appreciate it if you could help me with something for the holiday. Thank you.

Hello, my name is Bracha. I have 4 kids one of who has Down’s Syndrome who needs special care. I am the sole breadwinner, divorced and live from the national pension. My husband abandoned us after I gave birth to my daughter with Down’s Syndrome and my oldest son raised all his siblings. For 13 years now he’s running around with her to all sorts of expensive treatments.
I now need 4 crowns on my front teeth but can’t afford it. Also, the expenses of the festivals are formidable and I will appreciate any help you can give us. Thanks in advance.

Hello Sara,

I have been working just a few hours each week. Unfortunately I do not speak Hebrew, so my employment options are very limited. I’am a single mother. 
Last month I turned 62 and my Income Support from Betuach Leumi was cut.
I was also receiving housing assistance, but since Betuach Leumi was cut they also cut off and told me that if Betuach Leumi doesn’t pay they also don’t pay. Betuach Leumi told me I need to provide them with documentation from Social Security in America stating that I am not receiving benefits from them. Which I am not. I have tried many different avenues to contact them (via email, phone, the US Consulate, and various organizations) but I have not yet received anything from them. 
Since my benefits were cut in January – I do not have any money for my rent or food or any of my bills. I am now trying to come up with money for the upcoming Holidays – Purim and Pesach! If you could help – it would be greatly appreciated.

I am a single mother raising 7 children (b’ah). This year for the first time in a few years I am trying to make Pesach-the past few years it was too much financially and I sent my kids to different people’s homes since I don’t have family here in Israel.
I lost my job in December and I have b’h been able to take on several cleaning jobs but things are very tight. If there is any assistance that comes in I would be so appreciative to be able to have my kids at home with me this year together for yom tov.

She has been divorced for a year. Her husband ran off and just getting the divorce was extremely difficult. She has a house she is trying to sell, but hasn’t found a buyer yet and she owns a failing toy store so it sounds like she has a lot of assets but unfortunately they’re not helping her get food on the table. She owes income tax authority, bituach leumi, a bookkeeper, mortgage delay penalties, hotzaah l’poal, a debt to a nursing home for her mother, 4 yrs worth of schooling, and a bank debt of 350,000 NIS. Her children are not doing well and she’s really falling apart. Is this something you can help with at all?

About us

Imahot B’Yisroel Tzedaka – Israel Charity for Abandoned Mothers and Children in Israel was founded from bottom up, after receiving tens of pleas for financial assistance from single mothers in Israel. Our mission is to rescue abandoned mothers and children in Israel from the devastating effects of poverty and hunger.

We give financial help at the right time when it is needed most in the recognition that it is the primary need of poor mothers.

By keeping to Jewish charity and social justice code of law, we give in a dignified way aiming to  end the vicious poverty cycle of poor single mothers in Israel.

Our vision is to fund higher education and provide 0% investment loans that will ultimately eradicate charity dependence of single mothers in Israel altogether.

questions or comments?

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