Help For Single Mothers in Israel Passover 2019


Say "Those Who Are Hungry Come And Eat" With Confidence This Passover

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Single Mothers in Israel Are Getting Worried!

As the holiday of Passover quickly approaches, one of the important aspects of the holiday is to fulfill the biblical commandment of giving charity so that the poorer among the nation of Israel may have enough means to purchase all  they need for the holiday.

Please help us give to poor single-mother families in Israel so they too can celebrate with joy. We give money and shopping coupons instead of actual food products because the food products that organizations give often aren’t what the families need. We give in a way that they can buy exactly what they need.

Please give now so the mothers don't have to wait until the last minute in anxious anticipation!

Alarming Statistics!!!

Israel Tzedaka For Single Mothers Bituach Leumi

91% of single parents in Israel are women

Single mothers with only one child will remain in persistent poverty and with two children they won’t be able to ever pull themselves out of poverty without additonal resources because of:

  • Huge wage gaps between men and women
  • Part-time employment
  • Low government benefits
  • Low work grants

Please help us help single mothers in Israel buy food and clothing for the holiday so they can celebrate in joy. It’s your Torah obligation and you will receive blessings and happiness in return!

Other Ways To Donate

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