Rosh Hashana

How to Prepare for Rosh Hashana

We are now in the Jewish month of Elul, only a month before Rosh Hashana. The acronym of ‘Elul’ alludes to giving charity and is derived from the verse in Esther 9:22 “…and gifts to the poor.”

It’s an old Jewish custom to increase charitable giving during this month in preparation for Rosh Hashana, when Hashem seals our fate for the coming year.

The charitable giving that’s intensified during the month of Elul and is a protection against evil over the giver and the Jewish people as a whole.

A person who shows  mercy and gives generously to the needy,  arouses Hashem’s attribute of divine mercy. Such a person will be judged by Hashem with compassion and written for a good and prosperous year.

It is during Elul that Jews prepare for all the upcoming festivals and it’s only right that we should now provide all who are needy with their necessities for the upcoming holidays too.

Should there be amongst you a pauper… do not harden your heart or shut your hand against your needy brother. Open your hand generously. (Devarim 15:7)

More than 100 abandoned mothers and 600 children in Israel cannot afford to buy food and clothing for the festivals without your help. Now is your opportunity to prepare and give generously coming loaded with merit  for Rosh Hashana. 

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