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Kimcha D’Pischa 2019

Kimcha D’pischa is an Aramaic term that means flour for Passover.  Another term for it is money for wheat, maot chitim and this is how the Jerusalem Talmud calls it. Simply put it’s the ancient Jewish custom of providing the needy with money or food for the Passover holiday.

In the past, every Jewish community collected charity between Purim and Pesach and they distributed the funds to the needy before Pesach. This beautiful practice of making sure that poor Jews have food and clothing on Yom Tov is still kept by Jews throughout the world.

The holy Zohar teaches that on Yom Tov every Jew  must be happy himself and gladden the heart of his poor fellow Jew. If only he celebrates joyfully but  he doesn’t provide for the poor Hashem isn’t pleased. “Your New Moons and your holidays My soul hates, they are a burden to Me.” (Yeshaya 1:14) Every single person must be extremely careful to provide the downtrodden with all their needs for Passover.

Working single mothers in Israel are among the poorest in Israel. They cannot afford the extra expenses of buying food and clothing for Passover. Overtaxed all year long providing their children with  their physical, emotional and spiritual needs singlehandedly, they don’t have the extra time or resources to find the additional urgent funds. Without the money, they and their children will go hungry and unclothed on Passover.

It’s our obligation to make sure that there is not a member of the Jewish nation who is hungry on Passover. Otherwise, how can we say “Let those who are hungry come and eat” at the Passover seder?

Imahot B’yisroel makes sure that poor single-mother families in Israel celebrate the holidays with joy. The average amount of children per family we help is six. We give money and shopping vouchers, not actual products, because the items that other organizations give often aren’t what the families need. With dignified vouchers they can buy exactly what their families need.

Please fulfill your Kimcha D’pischa obligation now! This way the mothers won’t have to wait until the last minute in anxious anticipation. As a result, you will experience much bounty and a joyous Passover.

There’s nothing like the joy of giving.

Kimcha D’Pischa 2019

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