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Compassionate Giving Is The Art Of Living

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Charity is a Gift to the Giver

When you give you are really getting back! Here’s a list from Jewish sources about what giving charity does for you.

        • You’ll have children, and they’ll get along.
        • You’ll experience salvation.
        • You won’t be robbed or go hungry.
        • You won’t be evicted.
        • You will have grace.
        • You will earn a good livelihood.
        • You will be saved from the judgment of Hell.
        • You will live long.
        • If you give charity to poor people living in Israel, you will retain your wealth.
        • Giving charity, causes living in an expansive state of consciousness.
        • Your Mazal and fortune will increase.

(Rebbe Nachman of Breslav Aleph Bet Book)

Have a moment? Please share and give opportunity for others to give as well. Your stretch takes a minute but your merit will last forever!

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