Rebbe Nachman's List of Blessings

Giving Charity is a Gift to the Giver

You shall surely give to him, and let your heart not feel bad when you give to him, because for this the Lord, your God, will bless you in all of your deeds and in all of your endeavors.” (Devarim 15:7–10)

The Torah is full of Hashem’s blessings and promises of reward for those who give to the less fortunate from the wealth He bestowed upon them. Following is a partial list from Rebbe Nachman’s “Book of Traits”.

  • If you give charity, you’ll have children, and they will get along.
  • You draw salvation near by giving charity.
  • If you given charity, you won’t know of theft, armed robbery, or suffering from hunger.
  • When Jews give charity they are not expelled from their place.
  • Giving charity makes a person merit having grace.
  • You will endure through generosity.
  • One merits to earn a livelihood by giving charity.
  • If you give charity and share your possessions you will be saved from the judgment of Hell.
  • Through doing kindness, one gains longevity.
  • By giving money to the poor people in Israel, one merits to retain his wealth.
  • Giving charity, causes living in an expansive state of consciousness.
  • One’s mazal and fortune is increased by giving charity.
  • Giving charity makes the produce blessed and brings peace in the world.
  • The charity and kindness that the Jewish people do in this world creates great world peace and angels who advocate on behalf of Israel to their Father in Heaven!
  • On Rosh HaShana, every person is judged on how much money he will lose the coming year. Fortunate is the one who  gives that amount to the poor!

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