The Astrologers Were Wrong

Rabbi Akiva heard from astrologers that his daughter would die on the day of her wedding from a poisonous snake. He was very worried about her destiny.

Before going to sleep on the night of her wedding, she removed her golden brooch and stuck it in the wall where it penetrated the eye of a serpent. 

The following morning, as she pulled her pin out of the wall, a small, poisonous snake came out with it. Horrified, she realized that she killed the snake when she stuck the pin into the wall the night before. What a wonderful miracle happened!

Rabbi Akiva remembered what the star gazers predicted.

“What did you do yesterday to deserve being saved from a sure death”?

“Last night, while everybody was busy at the feast, a poor man came in and asked for food. Nobody noticed, so I took my portion and gave it to him.”

“Giving charity saves not only from an unnatural death, but from death itself!” Rabbi Akiva exclaimed.

When you give to abandoned mothers and children in Israel, you are saving yourself from bad decrees and even death! Guaranteed! 

Want to save yourself from horrible things? Give Charity today!

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