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The Best Way to Give

Maimonides lists 8 ways of giving to the poor in Mishneh Torah, “Laws Concerning Gifts to the Poor” (7:7)

  1. Giving grudgingly
  2. Giving less than obligated but in a cheerful manner
  3. Giving directly to the poor only when asked
  4. Giving directly to the poor without being asked
  5. Giving when the recipient knows who gave it but the donor doesn’t know who he gave it to
  6. Giving when the recipient doesn’t know who gave it but the donor know who he gave it to
  7. Giving to communal funds, charity organizations so the donor and recipient don’t know each other’s identity
  8. Giving to sustain a person before they are impoverished by offering a substantial amount in a dignified manner, by extending a suitable loan, by helping find employment or establish them in business to stop dependency on others

Helping Imahot B’Yisroel save abandoned mothers and children in Israel from the devastating effects of poverty is fulfilling the highest level of charitable giving.

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