The Gift of Clothing – Bereishit

The Gift of Clothing – Bereishit

Act Divinely - Dress Those Who Have No Clothes

And Hashem made for Adam and for his wife (clothing) shirts of skin, and He dressed them (Bereishis 3:21)

The human being was originally created without clothing and covered in divine light. Sadly Adam gave in to the temptations of his body and committed the sin of the Tree of Knowledge in animal-like fashion. After falling spiritually, Adam felt ashamed that his body was so similar to that of an animal. Hashem made shirts for Adam and his wife to cover themselves with and restored their dignity.

From this we learn modesty and see that clothing is inherently noble.  It’s used as a metaphor to show that man is fundamentally different than animals. Human beings are the only creatures that have free will and can overcome animalistic urges. Apropos, we only cover the parts of the body that we have in common with animals. The face that portrays man’s superiority over animals and the hands that we use to control the world with don’t get covered.

 To remind ourselves of the enormous gift of clothing, we express our gratitude to Hashem daily in the morning blessing of “Who clothes those who don’t have clothes.”

Hashem created the universe to bestow His goodness upon us and we must emulate Him.

And you shall keep the commandments of Hashem, to go in His ways, and to fear Him is a Torah commandment. (Devarim 26:17) We must look for ways to act Godly. Doing kindness and giving charity is the closest way to do it. Making sure that our poor fellow Jews have enough food and clothing is walking in Hashem’s ways.

In the Haftarah of Yom Kippur we read how important taking care of the poor is.

When the Jews asked Hashem, “Why have we fasted, and You did not see; we have afflicted our soul and You do not know?”  (Yeshaya 58:3)

Hashem tells them that what really makes Him happy. “And you draw out your soul to the hungry, and an afflicted soul you sate, then your light shall shine in the darkness, and your darkness shall be like noon.” (ibid. 58:10)

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  1. Very inspiring. Thank you. May Hashem bless you in your holy work.

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